Free first aid workshop

A First Aid Workshop has been booked by the Parish Council and will be held in the Village Hall on 
20th November, from 9.00am to 1.00pm.
It will be run byJoe Rice First Aid Training.  This is a FREE Defibrillator and First Aid training workshop open and it is open only to residents of Brentor Parish.

To find out more or to book a place please call the Parish Clerk, Caroline Oxenham, on 01822 481415 or email

Affordable housing for Brentor – huge financial commitment by West Devon Borough Council

Some time ago West Devon Borough Council announced that it would be applying for planning permission to provide five  affordable rented homes and four shared ownership homes at Hammer ParkThe change from providing some discounted homes to shared ownership was apparently to enable the Council to apply for government funding towards the project.  However, months on, no further progress has been announced.

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We’ve done it! Much of Brentor village centre to get free superfast broadband connection

Not only West Blackdown homes but also up to 31 homes in Brentor village centre will be getting access at no cost to the new fibre broadband network being built by Openreach.  West Blackdown was connected at the end of August 2021 (over a month later than originally quoted), and BT announced on 10th March 2021 that enough residents had signed up for the government-funded Universal Service Obligation scheme for the north side of the village centre to also be connected. 

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South Hams and West Devon Council Community Broadband project

South Hams and West Devon Council have jointly funded a two year Community Broadband Project to help drive broadband provision in areas with poor connectivity.  It is being run by Gemma Bristow at West Devon BC, who writes:

‘Broadband provision in West Devon is ranked one of the worst in the country, partly due to our dispersed rural communities and the challenging topography of the landscape. During the pandemic digital connectivity has been proven to be critical and a lifeline for all. Communities are heavily reliant on digital apps and online services for their healthcare support, businesses fight for their survival through online sales and those who are isolated turn to the internet for a social connection with their communities.  We need to ensure our rural communities are not left behind in this digital age. This project will help residents and businesses to navigate what has become a highly complex system of broadband suppliers and providers, and Government subsidy schemes. Continue reading South Hams and West Devon Council Community Broadband project

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For many special village events or activities you will receive an email reminder during the week before the event. Occasionally events are put on at short notice and may only be advertised by this service. 
As part of this service Brentor News is emailed to all members in full colour every month, and if you wish you can opt to ‘go paperless’ and stop receiving a paper copy to help save on resources and printing costs.
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Colin Dawes

House locator

We have probably all been asked  “where is xxxxxx” by a visitor or van driver.  With more than 200 properties in the parish it’s hard to know where they all are, especially since many of our lanes also have no names.  This is especially difficult in these times where so many more deliveries are being made to houses during the pandemic. Continue reading House locator

We need your contributions!

Stonechat in West Blackdown

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Ongoing community issues

This section of the website sets out to provide a source of information about issues which are of ongoing concern to our village.  Often these issues first appear on this home page, but require additional space to do them justice.

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