Work starts on Brentor’s fibre broadband network

The machine that buries conduit to carry the new fibre

Work started on 13th April 2021 to lay a fibre optic cable on Gibbet Hill from Mary Tavy to West Blackdown.  It took only a day to bury 1.85km of conduit pipe beneath the moor.  Work to pull the new underground fibre cable through the conduit will commence on 19th April.
Click here to see a video of the conduit being laid Continue reading Work starts on Brentor’s fibre broadband network

Annual Parish Meeting postponed


Could a main line railway be coming through Brentor?

Recently there has been a lot of renewed interest in the reinstatement of the railway line between Tavistock and Okehampton, as part of a ‘northern route’ from Plymouth to Exeter and beyond.  This has been generated by a lobby group calling themselves the ‘Northern Route Working Group’, who have been lobbying local MPs, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), Heart of the South West LEP, Devon County Council, Plymouth and Devon Chamber of Commerce, Visit Cornwall, Plymouth University, Peninsula Rail Group, Tavistock Chamber of Commerce and GWR, amongst others.  All seem broadly supportive of the scheme.  Apparently Geoffrey Cox, our local MP, leads support for the scheme amongst south-west MPs. Continue reading Could a main line railway be coming through Brentor?

Affordable housing for Brentor – huge financial commitment by West Devon Borough Council

West Devon Borough Council has announced that, at Hammer Park, Brentor, the Council will now be applying for planning permission to provide:

  • five affordable rented homes
  • four shared ownership homes
The change from providing some discounted homes to shared ownership is apparently to enable the Council to apply for government funding towards the project.

Continue reading Affordable housing for Brentor – huge financial commitment by West Devon Borough Council

Indoor leisure centres and swimming pools reopen

Indoor leisure facilities will reopen from 12th April at Meadowlands Leisure Centre in Tavistock.

With restrictions lifting, the reopening of Leisure centres means that residents in West Devon can enjoy indoor swimming and visits to the gym.  Outdoor group exercise classes will continue at Meadowlands Leisure Centre until indoor classes are permitted from 17th May. Continue reading Indoor leisure centres and swimming pools reopen

We’ve done it! Much of Brentor village centre to get free superfast broadband connection

Not only West Blackdown homes but also up to 31 homes in Brentor village centre will definitely be getting access to a new fibre broadband network being built by Openreach.  West Blackdown should be connected by 23 July (a month later than originally quoted), and BT announced on 10th March 2021 that enough residents had signed up for the government-funded Universal Service Obligation scheme for the north side of the village centre to also be connected. 

Continue reading We’ve done it! Much of Brentor village centre to get free superfast broadband connection

Environmental News

Garden for wildlife – Spring into action

Speckled Wood butterfly, Brentor

Sir David Attenborough recently told the BBC that “The truth is that the UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries on the planet and the situation is getting worse.”

What better way to combat this than to turn your garden into a wildlife haven?  Devon Wildlife Trust has some brilliant material to help you do this, they say that there are an estimated 16 million gardens in the UK and the way these are cared for can make a big difference to wildlife.  Continue reading Environmental News

COVID-19 latest

New rules from 12 April 2021

There are no changes to social contact rules and many restrictions are still in place. Outdoor gatherings must still be limited to 6 people or 2 households, and you must not socialise indoors with anyone you do not live with or have not formed a support bubble with. Continue reading COVID-19 latest

Gibbett Hill’s rich (and gruesome) history

Gibbett Hill dominates the western edge of Brentor parish, but is actually within Mary Tavy parish.  It is, of course, a favourite walking area for local residents. However, as its name implies, there is a gruesome history behind our local beauty spot.

Sharon Gedye has written an article ‘The King Way: Part 2 – Blackdown to Nodden Gate‘ published in March 2021 on her ‘A Walk in English Weather’ website.  Part of the article relating to Gibbett Hill is reproduced on this website by permission of the author.  
Click here to read the extract.

Aerial Brentor

Skim New Media have produced this beautiful aerial video of Brentor in early 2021………..  Thanks go to them for allowing us to include it on our website.

Recreated ‘Brentor’ locomotive to steam again

The ‘Brentor’ locomotive

A ‘West Country Class’ steam locomotive built in Eastleigh in 1949 was named ‘Brentor’ and was used until July 9th 1967, when it was broken up for scrap.  One of its nameplates was given to Brentor and was displayed for many years in the council offices in Tavistock.  It is planned to loan the name plate for display at the Plym Valley Railway at Marsh Mills in Plymouth when Covid restrictions allow. Continue reading Recreated ‘Brentor’ locomotive to steam again

House locator

We have probably all been asked  “where is xxxxxx” by a visitor or van driver.  With more than 200 properties in the parish it’s hard to know where they all are, especially since many of our lanes also have no names.  This is especially difficult in these times where so many more deliveries are being made to houses during the pandemic. Continue reading House locator

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